Our roots are in Idaho, but Larsen Farms operations are strategically located throughout the country to best serve you. We've sought out the best growing conditions for the best variety of potatoes and located our farms in both Idaho and Texas. Our storage and processing facilities are near our farms, and our trucking and rail operations pick up directly from our processing plants. Call 208-662-5501(ID) or 806-377-6208(TX) to schedule a tour and see for yourself how we can serve you.

  • Larsen Farms
  • 12295 COUNTY ROAD 11
  • DALHART, TX 79022   
  • (This is the correct address, but google, and many other maps are wrong)
  • To drive to our Texas Locaton from Dalhart drive north on Hyway 87 for 1 mile, then turn west on 1727.  Follow this road until the pavement turns to dirt and you are there.