Care and Handling

Prevent Greening By Regulating Lights

Here are some important things to know about storing and serving potatoes:
Keep potatoes from turning green by avoiding direct lighting on the potatoes.

Don't Overbuy

It's always better to run low and run fresh!

Use Russet Burbanks

Burbanks have the best taste and texture and are the best for frying, mashing, baking-whatever your event calls for.

Store Them Properly

Keep your potatoes in a cool, dark place-but not in your refrigerator or freezer. Storage temperature must be no lower than 50 degrees (F) to prevent fries from turning dark.

Store peeled/processed potatoes in vinegar or lemon juice and cover to slow browning. Water will also work but will not slow oxidation as effectively as vinegar or lemon juice. If possible, store peeled potatoes in a sealed plastic bag or container to slow browning even further by keeping the air off the exposed potato.