Becoming one of the top potato producers in the world didn't happen overnight. Take a look at how we've grown:

The Gamble
When Blaine Larsen put his money down on 80 dry acres of Idaho desert, folks thought he'd never have a crop worth selling.

The Miracle
What no one knew was the same ancient forces that created nearby Yellowstone Park had also created the perfect conditions for America's #1 potato-soft, volcanic soil, unlimited mountain water, lots of warm days, and plenty of cool nights. When people saw Mr. Larsen's potatoes, they were

amazed. When they tasted them, they were sold.

The Farm
So Mr. Larsen's farm grew, and so did his passion for perfect potatoes. And so did his children. As they worked the land together, the family focused on serving its customers and growing the best potatoes in the world.

The Business
Today Larsen Farms spans three states and thousands of acres, and its products are distributed around the globe. We are still family owned and operated, but our family has grown to include a full team of hard-working professionals whose expertise ranges from biochemistry to marketing to--of course--farming. We are proud to claim America's #1 potato.

Welcome to Larsen Farms.

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